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The following people are known to have worked on Cox’s Road.




William Cox, Esq          Expedition leader

Thomas Hobby, Esq     Assistant on the expedition

Richard Lewis               Chief Superintendent

John Tighe                    Guide

Samuel Ayres               Servant to Mr Cox



James Watson              Leader of the Roadmakers

James Dwyer                Leader of the Fire-making gang

Thomas Gorman           Charge of the Stores

William Dye                   Rough Carpenter

Samuel Freeman          Rough Carpenter

Thomas Cook               Sawyer

Thomas Carpenter       Sawyer

Robert Fowler              Quarryman

James Richards           Blacksmith

William Hardman         Shoemaker

Samuel Waters            Bullock driver with two Government carts

John Hanley                Bullock driver with two Government carts

Charles Cryer              Bullock driver with two Government carts



Samuel Crook                          Patrick Kernan                       John Allen

Thomas Adams                       John Finch                              Stephen Parker

Thomas Raddock                    John Manning                         John Tindall

James Kelly                             Matthew Smith                        Henry Sullivan

John Ross                               William Lawrence                    Thomas Kendall

Samuel Davison                      Henry Morton                          Thomas Watkins

James McCarthy                     William Appledore                    Patrick Hanraghan

Stephen Hockey

The following convicts each provided a horse and cart of their own, and worked on the Mountains carrying provisions from the Nepean River to the road makers.


John Crowley                          John Town                              Thomas Cross

Patrick Harrigan                      Samuel Whitney                     Samuel Stanley

Thomas Frost


The following convicts each provided a horse and cart between two of them, which were employed between the months of February and May 1815, on the Mountains and Road to Bathurst, and assisting the Governor’s party.


William Clarke                         William Tindall                       James Coddington

Harry Buttsworth                     William Durham                     Samuel Gilbert

George Humphreys                 Thomas Street




Some of the persons who worked on Cox’s Road were not listed in official documents. The Journal that Cox kept whilst working on the road mentions several other employees who are not listed in his synopsis in 1821. Combining these with names found in other sources the following can be added to the list:


Michael Bryan                                   Carter

James Burne                                     Guide

James Hoddy

George Keen

W. Lonian                                          Feller

Job Wilson

Sergeant William Bounds                 Soldier

Sergeant Alexander Monaghan        Soldier

Corporal Thomas Harris                    Soldier

Private James Ashford                      Soldier

Private Michael Carroll                      Soldier

Private John Clarke                           Soldier

Joe from Mulgoa                                Aborigine

Coleby from Richmond                      Aborigine


Note: the spelling of names can vary from one document to another and corrections to this page will be gratefully received.