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William Cox built the first road over the Blue Mountains in 1814-1815, allowing European settlement to expand beyond the Sydney region. The bicentenary of this event occurs in 2014-2015 and commemorative activities are already well under way.

The William Cox Fellowship aims to keep descendants informed about the celebrations and ways in which they can participate

For more information about William Cox you can visit these websites:

Edna Hickson, 'William Cox', Australian Dictionary of Biography

Thelma Birrell's website on the Cox family

Roads and Maritime Services pamphlet on Cox's Road

William Cox married Rebecca Upjohn in 1789 and she died in 1819. He then married Anna Blachford in 1821. This website lists the grandchildren of both these marriages as well as highlighting some famous Cox descendants.

IMPORTANT NOTE: A post in August 2017 by ABC Indigenous affairs editor Stan Grant repeated unfounded allegations about William Cox advocating the extermination of Aborigines, which he has since withdrawn. Click here for a full explanation of the allegation and why it is untrue.