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James Cox (1790-1866) married Mary Connell in 1812 and Eliza Eddington in 1829 and their children were:

John (1813-1853) married Frances Cox

Rebecca (1814-1870) married Walter Glas Chiene

Mary (1816-1835) married Christian Ludolph Johannes de Villiers

Jane (1819-1863) married Claud James Farie

Elizabeth (1822- ) married George Winter

James (1824-1830) unmarried

Ann (1826-1865) married George Bostock

Julia (1828-1829) unmarried

Eliza (1830-1897) married John Cowpland Dixon

Ellen (1821- ) married John Cartwright Burnett

Georgina (1833-1833) unmarried

Caroline (1835-1842) unmarried

Frances (1838-1864) married Robert Strong

George (1839-1841) unmarried

Margaret (1842-1927) married Henry Wilson Blomfield

Cornelia (1844-1926) married John Henry Innes

Rosa (1846-1938) married Emil Carl Adolf Woltmann

May (1851-1851) unmarried