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George Cox (1795-1868) married Elizabeth Bell in 1822 and their children were:

Eliza Georgina (1823-1882) married John Hobart Cox

George Henry (1824-1901) married Henrietta Jane Cox

Archibald Bell (1825-1863) married Emily Frances Lamb

Rebecca Maria (1827-1901) married Alfred Hamilton Hewlett Stephen

William Clarendon (1829-1829) unmarried

Charles Clarendon (1831-1878) married Louisa Stafford Stuart, Julia Charlotte Haylock and Charlotte Elizabeth Miller

Sophia Matilda (1832-1889) married Frederick Borton

James Dalrymple (1834-1910) unmarried

Frederick Savage (1836-1878) married Mary Hannah MIller

Alexander Hassall (1837-1896) married Agnes Christian Douglas Dickson

Albert Tarleton (1840-1922) unmarried

Amelia Una (1841-1924) married William Edward White